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Expert Joint Replacement in Monterey, CA

In this miraculous medical age, it has become possible for us to remove your damaged joint and replace it with a new one. A new joint is called a prosthesis which may be metal, plastic or ceramic and may or may not be cemented for your bone to grow into. Should you choose to receive one, it will generally last 10-15 years. 
Joint replacement is becoming increasingly common among Americans—over a million have a knee or hip replacement each year. Especially among older people, joint replacement can aid in movement and make life easier.

Who Qualifies for Joint Replacement?

If you suffer from joint pain, you do not necessarily need a joint replacement. Upon examination of your aching joint, Dr. Satow may simply recommend that you exercise, use walking aids, receive physical therapy or take medicine or supplements. Complete joint replacement is recommended when your pain is unrelenting and your joint is immovable when you try to walk, climb stairs or take a bath.  

How Does it Work?

Surgery for joint replacement varies greatly depending on the severity of your condition and other complicating factors. Our joint replacement for hips and knees takes 2 hours or less during which you will be under regional or general anesthesia based on your personal situation.
After your surgery, our caring staff will help you continue to heal and learn to use your prosthesis. We will recommend how long it will be until you return home and will give you instructions on how to complete your healing process and maintain your new joint.

Ensure the Success of Your Operation

The success of your operation largely depends on you. Your surgery will be effective if you follow the doctor’s instructions after returning home regarding diet, prescriptions and exercise.
If you believe you qualify for a joint replacement, get in touch with our office as soon as possible so we can help you quickly obtain the relief you need.